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O'Neill Employee Spotlight: Roosevelt Evariste

Name: Roosevelt Evariste Current job: Lead Designer, Safety Director, Contract Coordinator. How long with company: Started with O'Neill on June 3, 2013. Proudest professional moment: Seeing my first design, PCC S.E. Administration Annex, in person. It was constructed exactly how I had designed it and that was very motivating. First job: Shot clock manager for Nichols College. Favorite thing about Portland: The flexibility and opportunity of growth within the Portland community. Fun fact: I am Haitian and was born in the country of Haiti. Favorite spot on a Saturday night: In my head reflecting no matter where I am. I have no one favorite spot on a Saturday night in Portland. Favorite movie: “Baby Boy.” This movie is a reflection of the struggle to grow out of adolescent thinking and adolescent ways that many kids went through growing up in my past neighborhood. Though our struggles may not be as extreme as presented in the movie. Music of choice: My music of choice is R&B and Hip Hop. I love these genres once you get past the lyrics and listen to the diverse melodies, sounds, and symphonies that are mixed into one tune. You really get a sense of how ingenius these producers actually are. Favorite place to eat: At my mother’s house! Motto/Inspirational quote: “Life is about choices; we are responsible for where we are in life right now.”


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